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Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer
Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer
Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer
Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer
Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer

Force USA G9 All-In-One Trainer

Force USA
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Force USA introduces the new Monster G9 Commercial Smith Machine Functional Trainer Power Rack Multi-Gym. Fitness experts around the world have used up to 300 different exercises on this commercial Multi-Gym.

Designed and engineered in the USA to be robust, solid and versatile enough to create a variety of workouts for the most demanding of trainers. The Monster G9 is the full commercial version of the legendary Monster G3 used in personal training Studios and home gyms around the world.

The monster G9 offers the equivalent of 8 strength training machines in a single power rack footprint including a Smith Machine, Power rack, Functional Trainer, Pull-up Station, Dip Bars, Vertical Leg Press, Base Pulley Row and Core Trainer / Landmine.

The G9 Includes: Smith Machine, Functional Trainer, Squat Rack, Leg Press, Dip Bars, Multi Grip Chin and Pull Up Bar, Core Trainer, Low Row Base Pulley, Weight Storage, Lifetime Frame Warranty THE MONSTER G9 IS IDEAL FOR WHEN:
Professional Workout space is limited
You need Full commercial quality
You want the multi gym with the most accessories.
You like the Monster G3 and want Heavy Duty
Personal trainers and home gym owners around the world have said but they prefer a heavy-duty all in one multi gym that could perform all of the main planes of movement and exercises including the safety of a Smith machine and the benefits of the power rack multi-functional trainer leg press multi grip chin up station and dip bars. Many of our customers have relied on the Monster G3 as an economical free weight based Multi-Gym solution. Enter the Force USA Monster G9 Commercial Smith Machine Functional Trainer Power Rack Hybrid Trainer.
Strength athletes, high performance sports people, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches and serious home gym enthusiasts will find that the Monster G9 exceeds all expectations!

79 in (W) x 58 in (D) x 89 in (H)
43 in (W) x 34 in (D) x 79 in (H)
Weight Rating:
Unit: 992 lb
Smith Machine: 772 lb
Chin-up: 772 lb
Pulley Ratio:
1:1 => with 100 lb loaded, resistance is 100 lb
6.2mm nylon coated mil-spec aircraft quality cable tested to 2000 lb Included G9 Attachments:
Multi-grip Chin-up Bar
Exercise Chart
Suspension Training Ring
Safety Spotter Arms
Land Mine + Handle
Functional Training Bar
Lat Pull-down Bar
Small Grip Frame Bar
2 x Adjustable Nylon Stirrup Handles
Pull-down Rope
Multi-grip Dip Handles
Leg Press + Low Row Foot Plate
Pull-down Knee Holder
Low Row Foot Plate
Barbell Storage
Attachment Storage
2 x Olympic Lock Collars
6 x Weight Plate Holders
6 x Olympic Spring Clips
1 x Extension Chain
2 x Spring Snap Clips


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